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Lisa A Block, DMD, MS

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If you have a child with special needs, you want a highly specialized and compassionate pediatric dentist to give them a positive experience. At Harbor Kids’ Teeth, board-certified dentist Lisa Block, DMD, MS, offers expert, personalized, special needs dentistry and oral health care at her practice in Gig Harbor, Washington. Call Harbor Kids’ Teeth today or book your child’s appointment online.

Special Needs Dentistry Q & A

What is special needs dentistry?

Special needs dentistry takes care of the oral health of children that have physical or cognitive challenges. Children with Down syndrome, autism, or severe anxiety can all benefit from special needs dentistry.

Dr. Block’s extensive training, experience, and expertise offer special needs children a gentle, compassionate approach to help them feel at ease at each visit.

What can my child and I expect at a special needs dentistry appointment?

At Harbor Kids’ Teeth, your child enjoys the warm environment and Dr. Block’s and the dental team’s friendliness. The practice takes extra steps to make sure that you, the parent, feel as relaxed as your child.

At your child’s appointment, it’s helpful and important that you give as much information about your child’s medical condition as possible. That way, the team can prepare appropriately and adequately. Understanding your child’s behaviors, fears, and preferences can contribute to a successful experience.

Once Dr. Block and her team have the information they need, they can provide an effective, customized treatment plan for your child. Having a lot of information about your child helps them provide your child with the proper care without causing them to feel stressed or anxious.

How does a special needs dentistry plan work?

The plan for your child is entirely customized. The dental team helps your child build trust with them and feel comfortable. Since different children have different needs, a “one-size-fits-all” plan doesn’t exist.

They offer a sensory-friendly approach. For example, your child might need noise-canceling headphones to reduce auditory distractions. The team can also provide soft, calming music, play a movie, or give them a stuffed animal to hold.

If your child can’t sit through an entire visit with ease, Dr. Block does offer sedation, like nitrous oxide (laughing gas), to keep them relaxed and comfortable.

You can also count on Dr. Block’s friendly, positive interaction with your child to offer comfort.

What services are offered at a special needs dentistry appointment?

When visiting Harbor Kids’ Teeth, your child can receive a full range of oral care services, preventive and restorative, that include:

  • Teeth cleanings
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Crowns


At each appointment, Dr. Block does a thorough exam to determine what dental needs your child has.

To learn more about special needs dentistry for your child, call Harbor Kids’ Teeth today or book a consultation online.