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Cavities are one of the most common dental issues affecting children and adults alike. At Harbor Kids’ Teeth in Gig Harbor, Washington, board-certified pediatric dentist Lisa Block, DMD, MS, provides your child with comprehensive cavity care, including fillings and crowns, to prevent pain and infection. She can also educate your child on cavity prevention and encourage developing healthy dental habits early. To make an appointment, call Harbor Kids’ Teeth today or book your next visit online.

Cavities Q & A

What causes cavities?

Cavities in your child’s teeth develop from the buildup of sticky plaque. This plaque breeds bacteria that eat into your teeth, causing decay. When your kids eat sugary foods and don’t properly clean their teeth, the bacteria linger, producing acids. These acids eat into the enamel (the outer layer) of your child’s teeth.

Over time, this damage forms cavities, little holes in your child’s teeth that cause pain and other dental complications that can lead to tooth loss.

What are the symptoms that my child has cavities?

The most common signs of your child having a cavity include:

  • Toothache
  • Pain when eating
  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Visible holes in your child’s tooth surface

When cavities remain untreated and grow larger, the symptoms get worse and eventually develop into a painful infection.

How are my child’s cavities treated?

Dr. Block and her team at Harbor Kids’ Teeth offer several treatments for repairing cavities, depending on how severe they are.

During treatment, the team gives your child a positive experience by keeping them comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Block gently numbs the area being treated with a local anesthetic so that your child feels no pain during the procedure.

To treat the cavity, Dr. Block uses a small drill to remove all the decay from your child’s tooth. She then fills the hole with a dental-safe material to give your child’s tooth structure additional strength.

After your child’s filling, Dr. Block could recommend a fluoride treatment to restore the enamel of your child’s tooth and prevent future cavities from forming.

How can my child prevent cavities?

Good oral hygiene promotes strong, healthy teeth and gums. Your child should brush their teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristle brush and floss at least once a day. They should also rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.

When your child consistently cares for their teeth, they can prevent plaque from developing and stop cavities from forming.

The most important part of good oral hygiene is to bring your child into Harbor Kids' Teeth for regularly scheduled dental cleanings. Routine cleanings every six months go a long way toward guaranteeing excellent health for your child’s teeth and gums.

To learn more about childhood cavity prevention, schedule an appointment online today or call the Harbor Kids’ Teeth office.