About Teeth

Pediatric Dentist, Gig Harbor, WA, Lisa A. Block, DMD, MS

Everyone will have two sets of teeth: the baby teeth or primary teeth and the permanent teeth also called the secondary teeth. Around the age of 6-8 months, the baby teeth will begin to appear; usually by the age of 3, 20 teeth have erupted.

Around the age 6 the permanent teeth will develop and begin to erupt. Most secondary teeth are present between the ages of 12 and 14 except for the wisdom teeth. The next teeth to develop are the 12 year molars followed by the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth usually begin erupting after the age of 17. There are 32 permanent or secondary teeth, but most people donít have room for all 32. The wisdom teeth are usually removed to leave room for the other teeth.

The incisors are the front teeth. Next to them are the canines, followed by the bicuspids or pre-molars. The back teeth are the molars. You keep your permanent teeth for life. Brushing and flossing regularly with periodic check-ups and cleanings by a dentist makes an importance difference in your dental health

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